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  1. Dream Girls,

    Loved your Song of the South Podcast. I love the movie even though it does have slavery in it. I understand it is a period piece even if it is Disney. One could claim that Aladdin is racist because there were slaves in that time period too. Maybe because it is fully animated and not a Mary Poppins style combination of real and animation.

    I have a digital copy I made from a DVD I have. Love it.

  2. Hello, a friend of mine turned me on to your podcast and I thought you might be interested in this short film. The 2d Disney animator Andreas Wessel-Therhorn created this holiday short about two angry men and an angel trying to mend the bond between them. After being in 50 film festivals around the world it's finally released to the public for viewing just in time for the holidays. We hope you will enjoy and share with your family and fiends.

    Thank you