Who are we?

The Disney Dream Girls - An unofficial Disney theme parks podcast. On each episode, we explore our love of all things that are mainly connected to Disney theme parks. Between us we have visited Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris. However, we have made so many friends by doing the podcast, we never quite know who might be dropping in to join us!

So, who are the Disney Dream Girls?

Whether it's the store, movies or the parks, I enjoy most aspects there are within the world of Disney.

I previously hosted another unofficial Disney podcast, called The Minnie Minxes. However, I formed the Disney Dream Girls in 2014 with my friend Jayne, who I met because she and her husband both listened to my previous podcast! 

When not being a Dream Girl I work in education and am mum to three teenagers.  My 'home' park is Disneyland but I count myself luck to have visited Paris and Orlando also. Whilst visiting a park, apart from the amazing in-park attractions, I like to make the most of the dining opportunities and unique experiences on offer.  I especially enjoy finding out the back stories, whether through chatting to cast members of doing pre-trip research.

My next adventure connected to Disney would be to visit every park, so I guess I'm saving for a trip to the orient!

Hi, I am a wife, mum of two teenagers and a pre-school manager and in my spare time I have a little obsession for all things Disney, but especially Walt Disney World.
I first visited WDW back in 1991 and have had the pleasure and privilege to visit 8 times, along with 1 visit to Disneyland and numerous visits to Disneyland Paris.  And whilst the expense of travelling from the UK as a family of four restricts how often we get to visit it does not deter my passion and interest, in fact I think it only makes it stronger.

My dream would be to visit Tokyo Disney & Disney Sea.

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