Monday, 14 November 2016

Disney Dream Girls Show 132 - Disneyland Paris Trip Review

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls podcast for, show number 132, Sunday 6th November 2016. As always, if you wish to listen to the podcast, whilst reading this blog, you can click on the player below.

On this show, we discuss three fun news items and then Michelle reviews her trip to Disneyland Paris.

My Shortened Trip Review!

Disneyland Paris has some hidden gems that you really have to try. On this trip, I ate at Chez Remy. In my opinion this is a great place for a delicious steak meal: served with the house speciality - ratatouille. However, due to a fire alarm, I was unable to eat my whole meal but Disney did pick up our bill - so no complaints from me!
Complementary Cocktail for Annual Pass Holders
For counter service, I really was surprised by the food within Videopolis at Cafe Hyperion. It is themed to Star Wars and the burger quality was good and the cupcake was a delicious chocolate rich treat.
Jedi Burger, fries and Yoda Cupcake
Character Meets
Disneyland Paris is a great place to meet characters. During my trip I met a range of characters. As it was a few days prior to Halloween, there were a lot of villains to meet and I was impressed that I didn't need to buy an dining package or special event ticket either. 

Character Cavalcade for Halloween
General Information 
The park does get some incredible theming upgrades for the different seasons. My favourite was this thorny dragon: Maleficient had her meet and greet by this.
Whilst this trip was definately memorable, it was not without its issues. Having a knee injury, I had to use a wheelchair. Due to this, I got a guest assistance card. Unfortunately, certain attractions policies were not very compatible for my needs. One in case was Peter Pan. I discuss this on the podcast, but would be interested if anyone else has had similar problems.

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